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Week 2-SOOC

It's FRIDAY! I don't know how your week has been but for us it was a long one. The boys are off of school today for a 4 day weekend and we have friends coming in to town so we were all looking forward to today! So of course the week felt like it dragged on and on.

For this weeks challenge I am sharing a Straight Out Of Camera shot. This is scary for photographers because it means not tweaking any little detail but nailing the shot in camera. It means getting all the right settings, white balance, framing, crop...all of it. I by no means reached perfection, but I took this shot about 20 some times before being satisfied!

I was blessed this week to be a part of an awesome celebration. One of my sisters wrote a book, together with my mom, about her battle with heart failure and her miracle healing. It is a book to encourage others who are suffering medical issues to rely fully on God and trust that He is guiding your process. The book launched this month, so it was only appropriate to celebrate not only the book, but also the 10 year anniversary of her "not transplant"! I'm so proud of her for having the strength to finish the book and put it out there! It was an honor to celebrate with her!

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