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Week 3 Already falling behind...

I always dread the stomach flu. Who doesn't right? I know it will hit every year but I still pray hard that it will skip my family each year. Sadly, Oliver was the first to go down this year. He handled it like a champ though! Because of his sickies he got two whole days home with mommy and we soaked it up, but then I am reminded how much I can accomplish when the boys are at school :)

This (last) weeks photography challenge was artistic and the theme was landscape. To use the land, nature or weather to create an artistic photo. So my sister and I loaded up our boys and headed out for a winter hike! We were mesmerized by the ice! We slipped, stomped, chopped, threw, jumped on and shattered all kinds of ice! I love how the water froze in neat patterns and lines as it was flowing through the forest.

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