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A Flash of light...ning!?

It's been a little while since my last engagement session so I was overjoyed when Sam contacted me! I was so looking forward to our session together, but the Ohio weather threatened. I've become braver in what I will tolerate on the weather forecast though and the measly 40% chance of thunderstorms did not scare me! I watched the radar and it seemed the few storms that were popping up were around the area of our park...but not over it! So we went on as scheduled! I am so glad they braved it with me. We listened to thunder rolls and enjoyed the cool breeze for most of our session. The only sad thing was that the clouds had blocked out the sunset to our sunset photo we kept on and made the best of the our last stop...the thunder increased and the storm was threatening us even more. As we stepped into our last bit of wildflower field, tried a few poses and just like magic the gorgeous, perfect, setting sun slid out from behind the clouds! Sam and Jacob were such sweethearts! They had no problem repeating some of our shots so we could have that perfect sunset lighting! And just as swiftly as the sun had come out...the flash of lightning over our heads signaled the end of our {sweet} session! Sam and Jacob...thank you for your bravery! I wish you all the best in your wedding plans and in your future as husband and wife!

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