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Neighborly love

This past week D and I were blessed to receive a really cool piece of history about our house. Many of you know the home we live in first belonged to his grandparents. We have been beyond blessed to call it home for 4 years now. D's aunt was so thoughtful as to send us this...

It's the original real estate listing for our house! How cool is that?! It was so neat for us to see how much it had changed from then to when we moved in, and then to see the change from the last four years! So neat to think about all the memories that have happened inside these walls.

One of the biggest gifts we were given in this home is the neighbors. We feel abundantly blessed to have such wonderful friends in our neighborhood. They have loved our family from long before we moved in and have blessed us in many countless ways since! So it was quite an honor when one of those dear friends asked me to photograph [most of] her family! Our sweet friend Miss Jeanette has been facing a difficult health challenge over these past couple of months but she has done so with such grace and faith that it has been so uplifting to see her fight. It is easy to see her love and faith in Christ and she is an amazing testimony to the peace that passes understanding. I was grateful to give her and her family just a small gift today! On this very chilly, snowy, cloudy day we braved the elements to capture some family photographs. They all rocked the session and while there were lots of shivers there were also lots of smiles and snuggles. They are a truly blessed family to have each other, are some of the sweetest people I have ever met and it was a true joy to capture them today! Mr. Dave, Miss Jeanette and family, we love you all very much. We are so grateful for your friendship. We will continue to lift you all up in prayer for many more years and memories to come!

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