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New Year's Renovation

My boys have often amused us by "mis-interpretating" what we say or mispronouncing new words. My husband, D, and I have laughed on several occasions at words or expressions that one, or all three, of them has used incorrectly. When our oldest, L, was a toddler D was always quick to correct him. Daddy was always concerned that one of the wrong words would stick and be horribly embarrassing to him when he was older. I have always loved hearing their little boy voices saying words incorrectly...a cute reminder of how little and innocent they are right now. Last night, around the dinner table, D started up a conversation with the boys...

D: "Did you boys talk about new year's resolutions at school at all?"

L&B: " What's that?"

D: "......"

Me: "A new year's resolution is when, at the start of a new year you make a plan to do something better that year, or do more, or do less. Like a goal you set. I made one and told Daddy yesterday that my resolution is to clean the kitchen table EVERY night after dinner so that in the morning we can come down and start our day with a clean table."

By the way, that is a huge goal for our family...between L&B having homework (another rant for another day!), O's terrible evening meltdowns, and D's ever-changing schedule, after dinner is a whirlwind of a downward spiral until we crash into bedtime, so the kitchen very rarely gets any attention until the next day (around lunchtime when I can't stand the mess anymore!) But back to our dinner conversation...

L: (after a long break in our conversation to eat and be silly) "So how do you make one of those new year re...ret...renovation things?"

Me: (holding in my laughter) "I think that's a much better word for it!"

D: "Pretty sure that's what we need anyhow, a total re-do not just an upgrade!"

So, now I've been thinking about a new year's renovation. What parts of my spiritual life, relationships, photography business, daily routine could use a renovation? As I reflect over 2017, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. It was a year full of everyday blessings and abundant kindness from others. There were some frustrating moments, but as a whole the year was great. I hope to continue with the motivation I feel, driven by the generosity and kindness of others, to make more of an effort to be just as kind to each person I interact with. I hope to inspire while being inspired, to encourage while being uplifted and to hearten while being filled with joy by being surrounded by people I love and whom I love dearly!

How about you? Did you make a new year's "renovation" or personal goal? Do you have thoughts or inspiration as you reflect over your past year that you want to carry into 2018?

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